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It has already raised domestic petrol prices by up to 40 per cent as part of a raft of measures brought in to address a record budget deficit of 0 billion in 2015.Subsidies for water, electricity and petrol are expected to be dismantled over the next five years.

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Saudi's shock loan request signals that the kingdom looking at other ways to finance its economy after the oil price slump.Last month, police in Kuwait arrested 23 cross-dressers and homosexuals after they busted a “wild party” held at a chalet in the south of the country.Karl Andree, 74, has already been in jail for more than a year and now, despite his age and ill health, faces a further punishment of more than 350 lashes which his family says could kill him.You can even live here for years and still not be aware of certain things that can affect your life until they actually happen.So I’m here to tell you what it’s like to be a woman in Saudi Arabia, at least from a Westerner’s point of view.

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