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Unfortunately, he's also been lying to her: Fiona has no idea that his arranged wife, drug-lord daughter Estefania, is back in the picture — or that he fingered her in the backseat of a car in last week's episode (the show airs Sundays at nine on Showtime). We spoke to Justin Chatwin, who plays Jimmy, about what's in store for his TV relationship, why he likes to tweet about his ass, and what made that aforementioned fingering scene especially awkward. The end of last week’s episode killed me, when Fiona tells Jimmy, “I trust you. ’s Elliot Fletcher) — but he isn’t aware that he's transgender when they first meet.When Ian discovers the truth, he freaks out and spews out a lot of questions — drunkenly at the bar they’re at, and later with an LGBTQA group over lunch — which may give viewers déjà vu to the time in season one when Ian first came out. “A few years ago, Ian was being confronted with people who were homophobic or weren't accepting of his choices, and now it has become normalized.It’s a good thing, too, because things are about to get much, much worse. Macy, Don Cheadle, & David Duchovny on Their Winter Return “Jimmy is not a man of his word,” Chatwin says. He’s being selfish, [by] trying to do what makes him feel good.“He has a problem with the lie of omission — or just the lie of the lie. He’s not taking care of the different crashing plates that he has taken on in his life.” The “crashing plates” Chatwin is referring to are no joke — he married the daughter of a South American drug lord last year, at the insistence of her insane, murdering father.tells the story of six wild-and-crazy kids who do wild-and-crazy things while their alcoholic father gets wild and crazy at the bar. At the head of the household is Fiona (Emmy Rossum), a stubbornly independent sister-mom who only just started accepting help from her boyfriend, Jimmy, this season. He cooks breakfast for the family, he sends the kids to school, and he still manages to give Fiona her orgasms.

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“Like people had to digest and process his sexuality in the beginning of the series, now Ian has to educate himself. No one knows this better that Justin Chatwin, whose first moments on the show (and in its opening credits) two years ago focused largely on his ample rear end.And, well, it’s all gone downhill from there — in the first few episodes of Season 3, Chatwin’s character Jimmy (née Steve) has witnessed a body being chopped up into pieces, taken a s**t onscreen, and had more a**-exposing scenes with costar Emmy Rossum than the hookers on . But Chatwin (née Bubble Butt, according to his nasty high school classmates), is up for the job. But the scene is sad because Jimmy is lying to her. Like with Estefania [after she forced him to finger her], he goes, “I didn’t move my hand! So I just kept thinking of my best friend watching this episode and seeing his girlfriend raping my finger.

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