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One was about a woman who ran an inn in a former bordello, who impulsively married a man 10 years before who comes back to their hometown and doesn't know they're still married..sequel is about a wealthy man's daughter who was kidnapped and a widower whose wife was also kidnapped and murdered. She is an actress with a bad temper who gets thrown off a set and has nowhere to go. She takes too long getting ready in the mornings so he asks what all her bottles and cosmetics are for then throws away everything but the basics. She goes from being a total b*t*h to being a rather nice person.

It's been decades since I've read a Harlequin, but I'd love to find this one.

When his brother Regan comes to town to help sell ...

See full summary » Kim Jameson is a student at a prominent university while Kate Jameson also known as Dominique, Kim's twin sister, is a troubled model working for the House of Shambertin in Paris. See full summary » Robert Cannon has had two misfortunes befall him, his brother has been killed and an important project that his brother was working on has fallen into the hands of the competition. See full summary » Sara lives in a small town where everybody knows everybody and her life is an open book.

Do y'all ever have trouble remembering the title and author of a book and it just makes you crazy? I thought maybe it happens to some of you, too, so I opened a thread for it.

There are 2 connected books I want to read again, but I can't remember their titles or author. Does anyone know the names of the author or the books? CCIt's a Harlequin Presents from back in the late 70's or early 80's. and feels sorry for her so gives her a job helping on the ranch.

Stevie is out of control and gets arrested for stealing a car.

Chase has been too busy saving his family's toy business from financial ruin to find much to laugh about lately.

He might have agree to his uncle's wacky plan for a party, but that doesn't mean he's totally on board with the idea.

You don't meet your hero on or in any way that involves technology.

In fact, he doesn't even text you this common line: running late, there in 5 ☺.

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