Ms access vba turn off screenupdating

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Because of the nature of such problems, it is important to provide feedback when you solve your problem by replying back to the thread so that others can be helped and so that pages such as this can show relevant information.

The screenupdating being set to false will also speed up our macro as Excel will not try to repaint the screen each time it changes.

Subs: Delete Blank Rows1, Delete Blank Rows3 and both Worksheet_Change events are slightly different as they first check to see if the ENTIRE row is blank.

The macro code looks like this: Sub Email_Sheet() Dim o App As Object Dim o Mail As Object Dim LWorkbook As Workbook Dim LFile Name As String 'Turn off screen updating Application.

Screen Updating = False 'Copy the active worksheet and save to a temporary workbook Active Sheet. Display End With 'Delete the temporary file and close temporary Workbook LWorkbook.

I am not going to describe the form building process in detail so, if you are not experienced in building dialog forms like this one, take a look at my tutorial Customizing Access Parameter Queries which contains detailed step-by-step instructions.

You can view the VBA code by opening the Visual Basic editor.

Example using XL2000, my 2.16MB file was saved as a 3.85MB file and took 45 seconds to save first time with Save As, and over one minute with subsequent Save.

The save time for this large file as a normal XL2000 file is 10 seconds. If you are saving as Microsoft Excel 97-2000 & 5.0/95 Workbook *you will see the following Microsoft Excel 5.0/7.0 saving on your status bar where you normally see Ready toward the end of the save then you are saving in multiple formats.

Click on the Options button next to the Security Warning message.

When the window appears, select "Enable this content" and then click on the OK button.

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