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narrator Neil de Grasse Tyson shows that without a magnetic field the rate of mutation amongst Earth's living organisms would increase significantly.

New evidence for the existence of Earth’s magnetic field has pushed its age back about 250 million years, suggesting that the planet’s earliest life was shielded from the sun’s most harmful cosmic radiation.

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We present data from the eastern Tibetan Plateau demonstrating that wheat and barley rapidly became staple crops shortly after their introduction.

It has been asserted previously that the ecological characteristics of wheat and barley delayed their spread into East Asia.

We argue instead that the ability of these crops to tolerate frost and their low heat requirements facilitated their spread into the high-altitude margins of western China.

The magnetization of these inclusions act as minute compasses, locking in a record of the Earth's magnetic field as the dacite cooled from molten magma to hard rock.

Simply finding rocks of this age is difficult enough, but such rocks have also witnessed billions of years of geological activity that could have reheated them and possibly changed their initial magnetic record.

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